Name is Phoebe and I screencap ALOT.

As the title suggests "Save the data" is about capturing and perserving that moment of someones career in an image for all those in the present and future to see and therefore maybe even watch.

So if we have any actor or idol in common then follow me, if not then that's okay.

[NEW MOVIE] Assassination Classroom

Hold up, Yamada Ryosuke and Suddachi in the same movie about teenage kids trained to be assassins? WTF.  but YES please. Intrigued to see who else is going to be in this cast - more Johnny’s and other young talents? fingers cross. Yamada is playing the protagonist - weak student (but ultimately the best) and Suddachi his rival(?) - strongest student but rebellious. YAY for Karma. Anyway this is going on the "Must Watch List".