Magical Boys Cherry's - Episode 5 

Hasshi and Hiromi are two freakin’ adorable in this. And the thing is Hiromi probably isn’t really acting since he is gay for the ABC-Z boys (not sure if Hasshi is his favourite, but he has called them his husbands). This drama hasn’t really taken off yet, not like that’s going to stop me watching this. Tetsu’s character nonetheless has become more interesting, less brooding. Then again hasshi is such a strange character that you’re just drawn to him naturally.

Close Range Love: Season Zero - Episode 1

Aran Abe looks very different here, or is that just to me. Not sure on most of the others, apart from being Johnny Jrs. and Okayama and of course Nagayama Takashi (Who I haven’t seen in awhile). Another Johnny Jr. drama - there seems to be mulitple ones a season nowaday. Isn’t there that Again!! or whatever as well.