Name is Phoebe and I screencap ALOT.

As the title suggests "Save the data" is about capturing and perserving that moment of someones career in an image for all those in the present and future to see and therefore maybe even watch.

So if we have any actor or idol in common then follow me, if not then that's okay.

I was tagged by someone, like a few blue moons ago, so unfortunately I don’t remember thier name. If that was you Sorry.

Thought I would do this since I’m in lockdown study mode and that means listening to music non-stop. XD. Although this selection is probably a little skewed.

Put your music device on shuffle and write the first 10 songs that play without skipping. tag 10 people afterwards.

  1. Never Let You Go - GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE
  2. Colour - GReeeeN
  3. Seven Journey - KismyFt2
  4. Suna no Garasu - A.B.C-Z
  5. Bloody Night - Super Express
  6. Popular Song - MIKA ft. Ariana Grande
  7. Why so Serious - SHINee
  8. I Can Hear - DISH
  9. Motorcycle - Donghae and Eunhyuk
  10. Ee Janai kai  - Johnny’s WEST

Not going to tag anyone (never do XD). But if you feel the need go right ahead don’t let me stop you.