Save the data

Name is Phoebe and I screencap ALOT.

As the title suggests "Save the data" is about capturing and perserving that moment of someones career in an image for all those in the present and future to see and therefore maybe even watch.

So if we have any actor or idol in common then follow me, if not then that's okay.
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To the person who keeps saying rude things about my obsession for Sometani. I see it two ways either the International audience loves Sometani or Sometani picks to act in the films that get shown at International film festivals (translation: the best) - either way that translates to me that Sometani isn’t “crap” as you keep repeating. Take for instance the JIFFAU. Sometani appears in SEVEN films. minor and major parts.

Damn it. Just because I have to work I can’t get down to Sydney for the JIFFAU which means I miss out on seeing Tokyo Tribe, The Vancouver Asahi, Eight Ranger 2, The Light Shines Only There -  that sucks.

Toying with the idea for a confession blog - actually created one. So its going to go live. If anyone has something to confess - go ahead.

I don’t that much like One Piece, but damn I like Shinzato’s voice, seriously he has like the perfect voice for anime Opening/Ending themes (reminds me of Kimeru). Its infectious and wants you to sing-along. i hope he releases another single soon. I mean  there was recenlty Kimi no Hitomi ni Lock On - which I also like. We Are still remains my favourite though.

Not so much a delicate flower anymore....

Gearing up for Kamen Rider Drive!

The awkward hug, that height difference, the two Takuya’s together again…. and has Negishi grown taller?