I’m actually starting to like this couple, never thought I would. Chris is and always has been the nice guy and really seems to like (even love) Hudson. Hudson has grown on me (not that I ever disliked him to begin with) as a character, the good guy caught out doing a wrong trying to make amends in a messy situation. I just never really saw chemistry with this pair, and that could be because Neighbours has been very conservative in the past with homosexual relationships and half the time the ‘couples’ seem more like ‘friends’ and in a platonic relationship, not so much here, and kudos for the kisses that is merely a bonus. Also credit is due because I haven’t seen a drug-in sport storyline on a soap (well at least for a while) so good job writers. Anyway, as I stated at the start this couple has really grown on me and I hope in the future it doesn’t get stuffed up. But, pessimistically speaking based on track record I’m not holding my breath. Prove me wrong Neighbours.

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